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Unfortunately, the Outpresso is no longer being manufactured and the supply of existing Outpressos has run out. It is now up to you to recycle your Nesspresso capsules using the Nestlé Ecolaboration program. It is simple. Get a bag from them. Collect your used capsules. And mail it back to them. The details are here:


OUTPRESSO is a recycling device for aluminum Nespresso® capsules.   It separates the aluminum from the coffee grounds.   As a result, the aluminium can be easily and efficiently recycled.

Outpresso for recycling your aluminum Nespresso coffee capsules

The Outpresso works with the Classic style Nespresso capsules and does not work the the new Vertuoline capsules.


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Read more about OUTPRESSO here on our website. You can no longer order an Outpresso in our online store and enjoy your Nespresso® with a clear conscience.

Most people who are environmentally concerned buy and use the Outpresso after visiting this website.

Nespresso is a  ® Reg. Trademark of Société des Produits Nestlé S.A. . All rights reserved.  Nespresso® and the Nestlé Group are not affiliated with Outpresso in any way.