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"Best product ever! Easy to use and I cannot believe the amount of coffee that comes out of the little capsule!" ..Charlotte

"I felt the Nespresso pods to be a great waste and when I saw the Recycling Accessory I immediately ordered it. It's very straight forward to use, empties the pods of coffee granules then squashes the pod, the granules go into the brown bin and the pods then flattened go to the blue bin so it is completely recycled. Great idea."

"I have always been an avid recycler as well as a lover of coffee. I love my nespresso machine, but was always a bit put off by the waste. I did my best to recycle the pods by hand but it was a hell of a mess. Anyway, today I received an Outpresso which I ordered at the beginning of the week and it is brilliant! It’s a bit like using a stapler and results in getting nearly all of the coffee out. It does leave some in, but apparently not enough to be a problem when recycling a quick rinse under the tap does get rid of the rest though! Having spent most of the day pressing out at least a hundred or so pods, I have to say I’m really pleased with it and would strongly recommend it to every nespresso owner."  

"Thank you very much for the Outpresso, which just arrived in the mail. I have already cleaned out the 7 used capsules in my Nespresso machine, and it only took 2 minutes"   Geoffrey

"This product is truly excellent and so easy!"   Christine

“Certainly the greenest approach to recycle Nespresso’s capsules.”   Stephan

"Hi Outpresso, in the IHT tribune (the global edition of the New York Times) you can find an article "Nespresso plants to get greener". It tells the readers that the company has announced Monday a new initiative, called Ecolaboration, that will look at every aspect of its supply chain. The journalist, and it seems many customers with him, does his share by opening up his spent capsules with a knife, carve out the coffee grounds, and throw the capsules in the recycling bin. I suppose it is just the right time to inform the journalist about your product and make use of some free publicity.. "   Marlise

"Bought one for myself as I hated throwing out all that metal. Now can recycle and put coffee grounds on the garden beds/compost. Bought second for my daughter and will continue spreading the word!”   Allylou

"I have owned a Nespresso machine for years and have often wondered how to recycle the aluminum capsule. I have only just discovered your product, great idea."

“The outpresso seems like a cool idea. Who would have thought. I am an avid recycler.” James

"I am so far very impressed. The pods fit extremely well into the Outpresso (almost snapping into place) and it's very easy to press the coffee out. If you've ever tried to use the back of a spoon on a Nespresso pod, you know that it's not as easy as it sounds. But this thing is designed really, really well and I can't really imagine how it could do any better than it does. After you press a pod, a tiny bit of coffee still clings to the underside but is easily brushed off. From my short experience trying both new/old pods, it seems like a good idea to wait until the pods are a day or two old before you press them - otherwise there will still be quite a bit of moisture in them and it'll be a little messier. All in all, highly recommended for all earth-conscious Nespresso users! Mick

“I just got a Nespresso machine and was starting to clean out the capsules for recycling. I did a little searching and found this item, which Iexpect will be very helpful.”  Geoffrey

“Outpresso is a pretty useful tool to help in recycling the aluminum. Mine arrived today, and it’s dead cool”

“The pods are made of aluminum, and apparently recycling one of them saves enough energy to charge your cell phone for two days. I bought an 'Outpresso' and my karma is good again – lol”

You can order an Outpresso from many places throughout the wolrd.  People from around the world  are making comments like the ones you have read above. 

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