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The Purpose behind our Product

We all use energy on a daily basis.  The choice we make about how we use energy can significantly impact our environment, and our lives.  There are many things we all can do to use energy more wisely.  Outpresso offers a very distinct opportunity to lend a hand in energy preservation.

Recycling means to use something again.  Aluminum is a valuable raw material which is high in demand but limited in supply.  Recycled aluminum can be used to produce more coffee capsules as well as the ever so popular aluminum cans.  Do not  just throw away your coffee capsules.  Using Outpresso can help you help the environment.

As used aluminium coffee capsules consist of far more coffee than aluminium, they cannot be recycled along with aluminum cans as they are.  OUTPRESSO can change that.  Using OUTPRESSO, the aluminium of the capsules can be separated from the coffee, so that the aluminium can be collected together with the usual aluminium cans.

The advantages for the consumer are clear:

- The recycling process of Nespresso® capsules becomes easier.
- Coffee capsules can now be collected along with aluminium cans.
- Less volume, since the capsules are crushed before disposal.
- Coffee grounds add significant value to your compost and garden.
- The ecological consumption is in the user’s hands.

Advantages for the environment:

- Increase in energy conservation and efficiency.
- More aluminum will be recycled.
- The early recycling separation of various materials is more efficient.
- Taking responsibility is the right thing to do.

About Oupresso USA

Outpresso USA was created in 2011.  Outpresso USA is a Green Bay, WI based company.  We created this easy to use web site as a service to you, our customer.  We provide the Outpresso to you to hopefully make the world a better place.  Recycling is the right thing to do.  We typically ship your Outpresso using the US Postal Service within 24 hours of receiving your order. We keep you informed after you order to let you know things are proceeding smoothly.